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  Schultz Bloom Plus Plant Food 10-60-10 10 oz.
Schultz Bloom Plus Plant Food 10-60-10

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Product Description:
Bloom Plus Liquid Plant Food is an ultra pure, water soluble fertilizer with chelated iron, manganese and zinc.  Schultz Bloom Plus Water Soluble Plant Food is specially formulated for small amounts on all plants including acid loving varieties. Mother nature feeds orchids every time it rains, dissolving nutrients and distributing them evenly to all parts of the plant.  You can do the same every time you water, feeding with Bloom Plus Plant Food! 10 oz.
  • Ultra pure and concentrated
  • Buffered by a special process to growing all blooming plants including orchids
  • Recommended for feeding every time you water
  • Water soluble with chelated iron, manganese & zinc

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